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Nakadashi Banzai
Nakadashi Banzai


Harajuku Dating Paradise

English Visual Novel UNCENSORED and Mobile-friendly !

Story: "I’m always looking for a new challenge, especially really difficult challenges! My latest challenge: to seduce as many girls as possible and to get them to come back to my hotel room because I love sex more than anything!
Today my plan is very simple, I just plan to roam my beautiful city. I wonder what kind of girls I'm about to meet...
After a few hours of wandering around, I have to choose between winning the heart of one of 3 lovely ladies: the girl-next-door, the lonely housewife, or the spoilt rich girl! I’ll leave the choice up to you!

Accept the challenge!"

Eroges' Review : We really enjoyed this game, finally a Dating Sim with a lot of choice ! Each character is different, and This game gives you the option of managing the dialog and the scenes as you wish.    

Voices : VO
Length : 5-10h
Text : English
Genre : ADV
Censorship : UNCENSORED
Gallery : Yes
Compatible : PC, MAC, Android, Iphone, Windows, Tablette

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