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ChuChu Succubus Rem
ChuChu Succubus Rem


a RPG hentai game

Play a sexy succubus to become master of your destiny.

Story: You have just been born in a new kingdom and your older sister welcomes you in a strange way. She tells you that you are a succubus! Embark on a fantastic adventure where you will have to survive among humans using all your charms to steal their vital energy and their seed. Choose to be Sadistic, Masochistic or even a bit of both, To drive your destiny as a succubus and to defeat your enemies with your singular kind of charm. Will you be able to survive and to find your place in this new world?

Eroges' Review: Our team loves this role play game for the detailed graphics and the original scenario, it’s not every day that you get to play a succubus, and it will give you hours of fun!

Length: 4-8h

Sound: Original voices
Text: French / English
Genre: RPG
Censorship: mosaic
Compatible: PC, MAC, Android, Windows, Tablet


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